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What would it sound like if Nirvana (Kurt Cobain) met Prince (Purple Rain)? Aaron Towns’ The Bamboo Theory” is a genre bending work of art exploring these two unique worlds as they both serve as key influences of his sound and persona. The recent release of this unexpected project unveils Aaron Towns’ melodic sound to kick off 2017; having an experimental and unorthodox groove. The Bamboo Theory”, takes you on a journey from past, present to future showcasing Aaron Towns’ full array of talents; from his early days of sampling to transforming himself into a profound musician. “Underlined”, the lead single from the project, metaphorically expresses Aaron Towns’ values and beliefs of living every moment to the fullest and not taking things for granted. This body of work is very distinctive and personal; piercing to the soul! With breakout singles “Unexpected”, “Love Exchange”, and “Strobe Lights”, Aaron Towns is solidifying himself amongst the legends! The nationwide tour in support of ‘’The Bamboo Theory’’ is coming to a city near you in 2017. Aaron Towns’ on stage presence and charisma will make these experiences the best ticket in town! 


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The Bamboo Theory touR - Coming Spring 2017



The Bamboo Theory

by Aaron Towns